Founding of Bundesverband Wirtschaftsberatender Kanzleien in Deutschland

We are pleased to announce today that on March 29th the Bundesverband Wirtschaftsberatender Kanzleien in Deutschland (BWD) (Federal Association of Business Consulting Law Firms in Germany) was founded and kallan is one of the 31 founding members. Already today the members employ more than 4600 professionals. And the number of members will continue to grow in the near future.

For the first time, lawyers working in the field of business consulting form an association of their own, which can focus on the special concerns in this legal consulting field.

Together, we want to work on the professional, strategic and future-oriented issues of this important segment of the legal market in Germany. In our joint work, we want to take on current topics and challenges, especially in order to always be able to offer our clients a contemporary and high-quality service.


For further information, including the mission statement of the association and its members, please refer to the homepage You'll find statements of the founding members in the profiles of the member section,  among others by kallan partner Dr. Christian Bloth who is also available for any further questions you may have.